Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Winding down a long day

So... today Chloe and I went to the library to help them set up their new Wii! It was fun, I love watching older people getting a kick out of new technology! Reminds me of the time Grandma and Aunt Linda came over and battled each other in bowling for a good hour, it was sooooo much fun!!

So... I'm really excited that they're involving ME in this new Wii program! I've got so many good ideas about it, I am really excited for it! The kids will just love it... I know a few who are excited allready! I like having something to do close to home, I just have to make sure I'm not getting myself in too deep! Right now I'm doing pretty good at balancing my time... (as i look behind me at the baskets of laundry piled up that need to be folded) haha at least it is clean right!

Chloe is sick. It breaks my heart for her to be sick, and knowing that there is just about nothing I can do to fix it immediately. I love how she wants to cuddle so much, but I just hate the reason for it! I am thinking she may need to go see the doctor in the morning, but I gave her some motrin and I have the humidifier going and we'll see what her temp is in the morning. It was 99 tonight under the arm, which I think means its really 100, which is just terrible to think of so we'll say 99... and pray. I'm sure she'll be fine but you guys know me, I freak out about everything! She was so good and calm all day at the library though, I was amazed! I thought she'd want to leave much sooner! What a cooperative little angel!

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