Thursday, November 27, 2008

100 things I love about every day

1. Wake up with a smiling baby crawling all over me, smiling, wacking me and saying "mom! mom! mom! mom!" in that adorable repetition that's only adorable when she says it!
2. Get a goodbye kiss from Jeremy while I'm still totally asleep.
3. That point in the day when Chloe gets sleepy and wants to cuddle with me until she falls asleep while playing with my face, hands, hair, glasses, whatever.
4. That when I am getting Chloe dressed she always thinks we're going 'bye bye' and if we're not she gets upset and wacks the door and tries to open it until we at least go outside and she says 'bye bye! go! bye bye! bye bye!' until she gets her way...
5. The fact that there is an amazing park 5 blocks away that we can go to any day we want.
6. Getting ready and around for the day, whether its bath time or whatever, and Chloe learning something new almost every day
7. Getting texts from Jeremy asking what I'm up to and how Chloe is doing
8. Sharing my breakfast with Chloe, and her sharing with the puppy or yelling "no! no! no! go!" if she's not in the mood to share and puppy wants her to
9. Nap Time! I've had all this fun and finally i can get something done!
10. All the other things i can't think of right now but I will add to this list later, 10 at a time....

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