Thursday, November 20, 2008

Added anonymous commenting

So... I figured out that you can have 'anonymous' comments on your blog, so people don't have to create an account just to comment! This should work out good for a lot of family who doesn't have time or doesn't want to create an account- Just please let me know who you are since it won't say, and leave me lots of comments! I love comments! :)

So... today Chloe shut her eyes to walk under the shower. That is huge! It tells me she realizes that closing her eyes will keep water out of them, and that walking into the running shower from the other half of the bathtub merits the occasion to shut her eyes!~! Too cute! And the day before she learned "yes" and to vigorously nod her head up and down while she says it... also adorable! AND last night she learned how to climb onto the dining room chairs. Not that we have a dining room, but those chairs as opposed to the living room chairs which she can allready climb onto easily... But she saw mommy drag a chair across the house to get into the top of a closet and she promptly copied me, stepping first on the bottom rung and then pulling herself up. Nothing is sacred anymore!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Well, if she is copying the movements, then the language will be next-congrats on all she is doing and you too. Love ya, Debbie Wert

  2. Gary told me not to post any comments.....he tells me that you are sending virus to all people in the world. I fear you!
    Rick Anstett

  3. Hi Hon, this is Grampa.

    Works fine now. must have been my puter.

  4. And from now'll be even busier:):)
    My little one learned to say "button" 2 days ago. She has a new word almost every day! Little ones are fun!

  5. Aw i feel so special guys thanks for all the comments!! You guys are great! Thanks for reading everything!!

  6. Amanda you are doing a great job on this site. Its very interesting and its a great way to learn about what my little princess learns everyday. I miss all of you and can't wait to see you. And hold my darling grandaughter in my arms and give her bunches and bunches of kisses. I love you all ecspecially my chloe that need to learn how to say grandma Lori. hugs and kisses love mom