Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chloe's Christmas Wish List

i have totally gotten nothing done today. it's been a long day. but i'm over it...

anyways, Chloe has been more and more into really playing with toys how they're INTENDED to be played with lately, and not just chewing on them! So here are a few things that she's loved to play with at others houses, or the library, that would *hint*hint*hint* be GREAT christmas gift ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

1. Winnie the Pooh's Balloon Book- this thing is AMAZING! there are 10 plastic "balloons" attatched on ribbon to the spine of the book, very securely i might add, they are non-tear-out-able, and you put them in little holes throughout the book. Too neat! She loves this at the library!!!
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2. Any books with touchy feely fuzzy stuff in them- she loves to 'pet it nice' and repeats the word 'nice, nice, nice!' it is so stinkin cute!

3. Any books with lift up flaps - we saw the lift up flap bible storybook at the library today, and she gets such a kick out of it!!!

4. The Jesus Storybook Bible- I would LOVE to have this to read to her and will vow(thats how bad i would like it for her, vows are a big deal to me!) to read it to her every night before she goes to bed when it is in my power to do so!!! I have heard great things about it, and that kids actually love to read it and the parents enjoy it as well!
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5. Any of the below leap frog game/learning things! She loves the alphabet one at a friends house, but i'm sure she would love any of them! They are all magnetic, stick to the fridge, (did anyone notice i cleaned my fridge off last week??) and would help keep her occupied while i'm working in the kitchen! also, they are an enclosed system, so there are no magnets showing, so they can't fall off, which worries the crap out of me, cuz if they swallow two, a kid can die, cuz they tangle in their intestines!!!!!! i know its sick!

6. Clothes for next year!! Size 2t and up!!!! She's got a lot of shoes, but could use a pair of cute winter boots, size 5 or 6!!

7. Kitchen stuff for her little tikes kitchen! She has the kitchen but no play food, pots and pans, or anything like that!!

8. A Dolly! Again, she has a dolly crib and stuff but no dolly to put in it!

And for those of you who don't know, we are into recycling, reusing, conserving, whatever... so "used but not used up" gifts, such as from abc consignment or goodwill or wherever, would be GREAT!!!!

As we speak the little stinker just woke up from her nap, she's rocking on her rocking horse staring at the tv.... reminds me of someone... oh yeah her daddy! lol kidding but she is watching rugrats, she loves rugrats, veggie tales, and 3-2-1 Penguins lately.... oops there's another idea haha... i'll try not to come up with anymore!

Thanks for tuning in!

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