Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Weekend Update

So... what a crazy weekend! Saturday night we decided we had to make a birthday cake for D, and through a rough time of research found out his favorite is coconut creme frosting on a german chocolate cake... try finding that in Luther! but we did find this in luther...

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lol... with the only option left being homemade frosting and regular chocolate cake, I found this simple (and delicious!!!) recipe on, and grabbed a bag of coconut from the place where we found the above sign....

1 c. coconut, toasted and cooled
3 oz. pkg. cream cheese
1/4 c. butter
3 c. sifted powdered sugar
1 tbsp. milk
1/2 tsp. vanilla
Toast coconut and cool. Cream butter with cream cheese; alternately add sifted powdered sugar, milk and vanilla. Beat until smooth. Add half the coconut. Frost cake. Top with rest of coconut.

So I got right to the business of toasting the coconut... and guess what! Coconut is highly flammable! Who knew!

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Moral of the story: don't cook coconut more than the recommended 4 minutes, and not in your toaster oven, use your regular oven!!! We started over, and the cake turned out ABSOLUTELY delicious, we painted over the scorch marks on the ceiling and scrubbed the floor, and all is right in the kitchen again!

Chloe is becoming quite the picky little eater. she basically likes apples, banannas, bright green foods (she picked all the spinach out of the new chicken alfredo pierogie soup at olive garden and ate it! It was precious!) and ketchup. She loves ketchup and most other red sauces, but none as good as ketchup!!Here's a few random pictures of chloe eating this weekend...

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We rearranged Chloe's room. Here's a picture of the little angel sleeping....

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And I had 6 little angels over sunday night, and monday we painted my house!!! It is so white and bright and cheerful, THANK YOU GALS!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!
Here's a few click-to-enlarge pics of my new white walls, in case you're interested!! :)

Well, Chloe's dressing the puppy in her clothes, so I gotta go, but I'll try to get a few pics up from Halloween later today!


  1. Cloe has a very cozy room! Lucky girl!!! My kids all have to share rooms but it works out ok I guess:)

  2. I LOOOOOOOVE YOU!!!! i also enjoy your blog quite immensly. i also enjoy your body fragrance.

  3. Hi its jenny...mckenna and madisons mom from myspace :) Her room is too cool! We are going to get the girls that foam mat for christmas :) How does she do with sleeping in the toddler bed? When did she start? Ive been debating that but i wasnt sure if 13 months was too little.

  4. i was checking out your new paint and veiwing your pics on the walls but didn't notice any of your mother-in-law or your brother-in -laws. why's that