Monday, December 29, 2008

Home at last!!!!!!!!!!

To our icy roads and freezing cold home... but you know what? When i walked in, it was so light and bright and cheery and clean that i knew all that busting my butt to get it 'ready to leave clean' was totally worth it! Not the 'all the messes are cleaned up' sort of clean, but the 'all the laundry is done and the dishes are done and the floors are cleaned' type of clean. lovely! now if only jeremy could find his new wii game and quit bugging the squat out of me it'd all be good!!!! pictures to come soon..... :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

By the time i finished that last blog...

....this is what chloe had done.

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she's an adorable little monster though!

really. 2 apples, halfway around each. And it only took, like, 5 minutes! I think i'll quit cutting them up so nicely and just let her fend for herself! Maybe then we can skip toothbrushing time! (lol kidding, just trying to make aunt nese roll her eyes at me) :)

Iced Shortbread Thumbprints.... and other stuff.

....Sounds so fancy schmancy and technical, doesn't it? Well, it's not. These are by far the EASIEST cookies i have ever made! I don't know where they've been all my life!!!!!!!!

Okay, so i started typing this and then noticed it was getting very quiet in the kitching where chloe was playing at the counter in her cooking stand thingy we made her. I went to take a looksie and she had somehow reached the far end of the counter and plucked off 2 cookies, which she licked all the jam out of, and gotten the whole bag of apples off the counter and started knawing her way through one. or is that nawing? my spell checks not going off on either word. whatever. haha.

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Here's chloe mushing the first one around in her hands once she licked all the jam out.

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And the handy little christmas decorated paper plate full, BEFORE she snatched the lower left two off of it!!!!!!!!!! :)

So anyways, mommy helped chloe presss her tiny little thumb into each and every one of these!! I so wish i could have gotten pictures of that, but being the photographer and head chef doesn't work out so well. But man are they delicious with the freezer jam we made last week!!!

Go on over to short stop's christmas cookie number 5 blog to see the recipe!

On another note... combatting Jeremy's eternal begging to know the identity of his christmas presents is... challenging. But i got a new idea! All his questions, I answer with a question!

"Is this one a shirt?"
"Do you think it's a shirt, honey?"

"Why won't you tell me what you got me?!"
"Well, why would i want to tell you your presents, sweetheart?"

"Here chloe, open daddy's present"
"Daddy, do you want a spanking?????"

And i say it all in this sickeningly sweet voice that drives him nuts and gets him off my back, he caught on very quick that the whole "knowing all your presents before you get them" tradition is going OUT THE DOOR!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

So busy lately preparing for illinois... We are all excited and worried at the same time, but i know we have to let go and let god! last years trip had so many problems.... mostly with our car... a tire got a huge ouchie in it and needed total replacement, a watts linkage arm went out, it really sucked... so we couldn't see the people we wanted to see around town... but this year will be different i am sure... family is our priority and we are trying not to make too many plans so it is a relaxed trip! the only plans we have so far is church with grampa on sunday and christmas with family on christmas eve and christmas day. i just hope and pray that our car will make it!

but our problems are minor compared to so many lately... a young friend who may be incarcerated... a friend who's grandpa is slowly dying at home... a friend with pregnancy complications... a friend without a job... well many of those really, and family as well... i just keep trying to remind myself to let those praises and petitions shape my worries into prayers!! help me jesus!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

A long tomorrow....

Since today was a terrible snow day for all area schools, we didn't go to curves today... So we're doing that tomorrow! And i totally forgot i was supposed to watch ayden tomorrow! but mom has graciously agreed to watch both kiddos while i'm at curves, which is so sweet of her and i'm sure will be fine, he's a good kiddo, and they play good together....

So here's the laundry that needs to be folded tomorrow....
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which is now on in a huge pile on the floor, because hubby and baby are asleep, and has gotten much bigger since that picture was taken this morning, as i've done laundry all DAY!!

Here's the laundry, piled in the bathtub for lack of space, that i started with this morning... it's almost down to the top of the tub today... isn't that sick??
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So it will be a long day tomorrow... but you know what? I don't even care. There's more to life and we've had a great weekend and past few weeks!!!!!

The last week, in pictures...

Chloe learns something new every day... its just crazy! Here is she being a stinker at mom's house this weekend... all red faced and toasty....
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And daddy has been feeding her chocolate! I about beat him!
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And this is where i found her after saying goodbye to mom and dad last weekend... they came to our house for once, which was an awesome change! We watched a great movie, the Ultimate Gift, which everyone but me and dad had seen allready... well anyways I found her up on the table getting into the rice crispie treats....
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And little noogen feeding daddio some burnt fisher's chips, thanks to teri!! :)
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Our newly painted bedroom! Oh it's so much nicer and brighter than the dark brown! I put up with it for two years, it was my dream decor, but little houses should not be dark colors! i feel like everything's closing in on me, but its so nice and bright now! and in the painting process, our big cherry sleigh bed broke... anyone have any cool ideas with what to build out of it??? I'm thinking a funky bookshelf!!!!
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Well there's our last week in pictures... hope you enjoy!:)

Guitar Praise= awesome and some other stuff

So, for anyone out there looking for a Christian alternative to guitar hero, i present to you.... Guitar Praise! It is an awesome PC based version of guitar hero... and at a great price at this site! It's on sale for 79.99 right now, which is totally comparable to guitar hero prices, and free shipping no less! And because it's for a PC, you don't have to have to buy a wii or xbox or ps to play it on! Also... you can take it on road trips with a laptop!! the controller is a wireless usb controller and powered by 4 double a's... and you can buy more guitars! I am so excited about this for our youth group... oh yeah AND to make things THAT MUCH GREATER, it totally plays the words on the other half of the screen while one person is playing, so you can sing-along to it!!!!!!! and others can!!!!!!! totally sa-weet! :) glad i found this before my kiddo is old enough to beg! oh yeah and the songs are awesome, skillet and hawk nelson and stellar kart and all kinds of awesome bands!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!