Monday, December 1, 2008

Guitar Praise= awesome and some other stuff

So, for anyone out there looking for a Christian alternative to guitar hero, i present to you.... Guitar Praise! It is an awesome PC based version of guitar hero... and at a great price at this site! It's on sale for 79.99 right now, which is totally comparable to guitar hero prices, and free shipping no less! And because it's for a PC, you don't have to have to buy a wii or xbox or ps to play it on! Also... you can take it on road trips with a laptop!! the controller is a wireless usb controller and powered by 4 double a's... and you can buy more guitars! I am so excited about this for our youth group... oh yeah AND to make things THAT MUCH GREATER, it totally plays the words on the other half of the screen while one person is playing, so you can sing-along to it!!!!!!! and others can!!!!!!! totally sa-weet! :) glad i found this before my kiddo is old enough to beg! oh yeah and the songs are awesome, skillet and hawk nelson and stellar kart and all kinds of awesome bands!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!

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