Sunday, December 14, 2008

So busy lately preparing for illinois... We are all excited and worried at the same time, but i know we have to let go and let god! last years trip had so many problems.... mostly with our car... a tire got a huge ouchie in it and needed total replacement, a watts linkage arm went out, it really sucked... so we couldn't see the people we wanted to see around town... but this year will be different i am sure... family is our priority and we are trying not to make too many plans so it is a relaxed trip! the only plans we have so far is church with grampa on sunday and christmas with family on christmas eve and christmas day. i just hope and pray that our car will make it!

but our problems are minor compared to so many lately... a young friend who may be incarcerated... a friend who's grandpa is slowly dying at home... a friend with pregnancy complications... a friend without a job... well many of those really, and family as well... i just keep trying to remind myself to let those praises and petitions shape my worries into prayers!! help me jesus!!!

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