Thursday, January 29, 2009

The first day of the rest of my life...

...being energy conscious! Haha... like every day, today is the first day of the rest of my life.... but today is different because I woke up with all sorts of ambition to lower our $300 electric bill! Allright our house is less than 1000 square feet, fairly open floor plan, and there is no way in the WORLD we can afford or have the desire to use 300 bucks worth of electric each month! So today I am doing/ have done the following:

1. Hung up all shirts, pants, etc. right out of the washer, on the shower curtain rod, and rather than drying 4 loads of laundy, am only drying 1 load. I threw all the socks and little stuff in the dryer, and when this next load is done, i'll start it drying! So maybe that'll save a few bucks...

2. Wrote 'twirly light bulbs' on the grocery list. We're going to town tomorrow, and when we get home we are IMMEDIATLY going to replace all those that we haven't allready. When I looked at the money savings on and realized taht we could save something like 30 bucks a month if we replaced all our regular bulbs with twirly bulbs, I decided that this whole 'replacing one as it goes out' thing isn't cutting it. It is well worth the money just to buy the swirly bulbs now and replace them NOW.

3. Cleaned out the deep freeze! I realized that there wasn'ta lot in it, a turkey, 4 chickens, and a couple boxes of those ice pops that don't have to be frozen... you know the kind in the plastic that you normally buy thawed and stick them in the freeze when you get home...well anyhow i cleaned out the fridge and freezer inside, reorganized, and fit everything inside! I was gonna cook 2 of those chickens in the next few days anyways, so they can thaw now, and voila! Unplugged the deep freeze until further notice, probably for a month or so at least!

4. Washed all the laundry on cold except for the sheets! There are some things that aren't that dirty, and i am a compulsive 'wash everything on hot as heckaholic' but you know what? Lots of people wash their laundry in cold water, and by golly, i could do some of mine in cold water too!

5. There was somethiing else.... Oh yeah! I put a candle going in the bathroom, which solved a couple problems... 1 being that i turn the light on every time i go in there, and the other... it makes it smell WONDERFUL and also TAKES OFF THE CHILL! I never knew a big old candle could produce a noticeable amount of heat! But we have no direct heat source in there so this helps!!

6. Unplugged the toaster oven... A friend reminded me this morning that even though it's off, it could still suck some energy... I debated doing the same with the micro, but i like having a clock there but... we'll see. maybe i'll unplug that too.

Any other ideas on things to do to save? Let me know please!!! :) I'm desperate! And NO i will not open all the curtains to let light in because that is helping keep the heat in...So the living room gets sheers and our room gets these heavy dark drapes that i am not opening for fear of losing more precious heat!!!

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  1. Hello! I got your e-mail plea to pop in. I've not gone to extremes, but we heat with electricity and my hub was pointing out that our bill was surprisingly low for wintertime. So we actually did analyze what might explain it.

    Some changes I've made are similar to yours--for months I have been hanging dry all our clothes (even the little stuff), so no dryer use. Washing on cold, like you said.

    I think you can wrap the hot water heater with something from Lowes to insulate it, so it doesn't have to run as much. We might try that.

    And if you hand wash dishes instead of using a dishwasher (maybe you do that anyway), that would save on the machine running.

    Blinds and drapes really do seem to help with insulation on windows--you can also cover some of your electrical outlets that are on outside walls. My daughter said that one evening she could feel cold air coming in through one of them, so we realized we needed to do something to keep that under control.

    The light bulbs is a great idea. We've been replacing as we go, but there are still chandelier lights in our dining room that will have to remain. Still, the lights we use most often are mostly fluorescent now. I guess it helps. Everyone says it does.

    The other small thing that people say makes a difference is to put all of your electronics on powerstrips and turning the powerstrip off when you leave the house for the day or when you go to bed at night.

    Shorter showers to cut down on the water heating costs.

    Um....I'm running out of ideas. I know there are more ways to insulate.

    You can probably Google this and find all kinds of clever ideas. You could cook with your crock pot instead of an oven. I don't know if that helps or not, but you get some heat in the kitchen either way, and that might allow you to keep the thermostat lower.

    You've certainly got me thinking about it, too!

    Hope you can meet the challenge with great success and save all that money (and more)!