Thursday, January 15, 2009

tuesday, may 1st, 2007

what was i doing on that day? looking through an old blog, here's a post i posted....

"there is a mouse.



it steals hershey kisses off my nightstand. well jer's nightstand. then my nightstand, cuz we kinda switched sides of the bed, well switched back, but we left our stuff, which is really each others stuff, there. we can't decide.

it wakes me up, and i hear it, and i turn on the light and try to catch it, but i am obviously 7 months pregnant and can't get a freaking mouse.

so gross.

it left a kiss there the other day, it had opened it and ate halfway through it. there were little claw marks, and it reminded me of something. i can't remember what now.

we dont' know what the kid is yet. we just know that it likes to kick at the most unoppurtune times, and it gets hungry at the weirdest times. its a kicker, all right, and no gary it is not a soccer player, we don't do that around here. unless its a girl. but it kicks like a boy. little sucker.

i can't wait for it to come out.

pam, the lady who owns the tanning salon in tustin, right? she has me all freaked out. she said its coming way earlier than the doctors say.

i have 3 due dates at this point, june 29, july 7, and july 18th.

take your pick, kiddo.

aunt nese and krystin are making a baby shower. it will be fun. if you want to come, let me or them know.

i miss my daddy.

i am slightly overwhelmed. this is my first day as 'branch manager' for the one company and 'office manager' for the other. what a joke. i feel so underqualified and overwhelmed. its not so bad though, really. i just have a todo list a mile long, and am slightly stressed due to a 6-oclock in houghton lake that im not sure what do to about.

it will all work out in the end...

so life... lately=lonely. i hope some of my friends are coming home for the summer. i miss em... and alyssa.... and jess.... and owen... they are fun people. jess is having a baby too. she's nuts.... i wouldn't have done this by choice, i don't think, but i am getting used to the whole thing.

i miss other people too, but they won't be here this summer, cuz they can't be, or they live to far away....

slowly but surely, taking one day at a time, and everything as it's thrown in my face..."

what that blog doesn't say, is that the next night, i set a trap on my nightstand before i went to bed. i woke up in the middle of the night, 7 months pregnant mind you, with my hubby working 3rd shift, to hear a scratching noise... the mouse, with only its arm caught, and falled off the back of the nightstand, with the trap caught between the nightstand and the wall, and he was dangling by his arm, kicking and scratching. SO SO SO GROSS!!! i proceeded to.... 7 months pregnant, mind you.... haul the nightstand away, at which point he ran around dragging the trap, find a box to trap him in, and scoop him into the box and set it on the porch. he was still alive when jer got home. i didn't know how to kill a mouse! SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay... how crazy is that? look at my life now! how life has changed miraculously!!! i was so depressed and huge and infested with mice... ugh! now my house is spotless!!!! at least for today.... :) and i am... much less depressed!!!! thanks for reading an old blog!

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