Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Life as we know it... really finally starting to get back to normal. The post holiday anxiety is going away.... I don't know. Its just.... better. Now that ATF is over with I feel like I don't have any huge things coming up to stress me out.... speaking of ATF, it was great.... but Chloe was not too impressed. She loved the Bands and singing and all, but the speaker parts, she could've done without... she just wanted to run all over and holler, and of course mommy and daddy just wanted to listen, but it worked out okay, though we both had killer migranes by Saturday evening. Well, Chloe wants to play her computer game so.... I'll try and get the pictures uploaded later. Jeremy's bro and his family are up, and its going pretty great! The girls fight a bit, they're too little to understand each others actiosn, but its going! ...

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