Saturday, March 7, 2009

Learning tower...

Cuz someone out there wants to build one and asked for more detailed pictures!



Sides are plywood, carved everything out with a jigsaw, had fancy legs on the bottom, like on the tm learing tower, to keep it from tipping but it was sturdy enough without and we kept stubbing our toes, so we took them off! didn't touch up the paint yet since then, lol, can you tell?!? its quite dinged up after a year or more of use, but it so does the job and chloe is at the age where she loves to climb in and out of it!! the platform is adjustable, has dowels going throug, but looking back that was totally unnessary too as its a good height regardless, and we could have just screwed the platform on, but that does add to sturdy-ness. 1x1's in each corner, bolts through them, routered all edges, and painted it a lovely bright red! I'm going to glue some felt on all the bottom edges as it has scaped up the floor a little big, but haven't gotten to it. thought about putting wheels on it, but if they got stuck, it could tip if kiddo pushed on counter... so felt, like they put on the bottom of dining room chairs to not scratch the floor, ya know? might even just buy those round stick-on ones and stick them all over!

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