Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Weekend!!

Yay! *Sings to the tune of that country song...* "It's finally friday!" yay! Even though now it's Saturday morning.... its ok. Our week is out of whack cuz Jeremy had to work friday, which is really good though because that means business is picking up and we sure can use the money!

So here we are with a fairly uneventful weekend, we don't have much planned which is awesome!! So yesterday we went house hunting when Jeremy got out of work, we found two houses we really like so we'll see where that goes...

Today we're taking my dad to look at one, we looked at the other last night.....

Chloe is getting so big, saying 3 word sentences now!! She's such a big girl and still my little baby all at once.

Man I love it... being a mom, being so loved... The other day I told, ina singsong voice, "Chloe, you're so pretty!" And she said "Mommy pretty too!" Aww it melted my heart. Then she proceeded to tell me how mommy, daddy, and chloe were pretty. Daddy really appreciated it when i told him about it later! :)

So... prayers please! House hunting is so hard and so frusterating and so stressing all at once, because of the 2 hosues we so had our heart set on and they fell through... ugh. lets hope these ones go better!!!!!!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chloe's First time answering a question....

...came today when she came to me showing me pictures, saying
'mommy!' and she held up a polaroid of me.
'daddy!' as she holds up a polaroid of daddy.
'yes', i answer both times, 'you're so smart!'
'Pictures!' she says. 'yes!' i reply again, rubbing her cheek and telling her how smart she is.
so then i offhandedly remarked to her,
'you just love picutres, don't you?'
'yeah!' she said as she toddled off to go show daddy....

a good day, a very good day. my princess is growing up so fast. it was a stressful day, lots of big decisions and stressful situations, on my one stay home day out of the whole week, but a great day, a really great day!

she just ran in here, uncovered her eyes, and said, 'boo!' and daddy is telling her to come see me now, so he must be doing something important, it must be my turn to play!