Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Today I had an appt, and Mom took C and I to it cuz we have no car while daddy's at work, and then we stopped bya garage sale on the way home. C was about sleeping, drinking happily on her sippy, so we let her sit in her car seat with the doors open while we stepped outside to check out the sale, we peek around a bit and as we're paying for our goods (nothing super duper exciting, or of course i would tell you about it) she starts crying REALLY LOUD! I am of course worried, as she's more or less past the 'crying just to get your attention' stage and it sounded like a 'somethings wrong, mommy!' sort of cry. so i hurry over to the car and she's so upset and is grabbing her feet, and keeps saying, 'footsies, mommy, footsies!' so i keep looking at her footsies, they look fine, but she wants her socks off, which is fine- she often likes her shoes and socks off while we're in the car, so i take them off and she has big white poofy bug bites on her big toesies! 2 on one and 1 on the other! It was crazy- what kind of bug only bites big toes? and they were poofy looking like the darn bites you get from those little black gnatty things.... and so i asked, chloe, was there a bug on your footsie?? and she says, and i quote, 'yeah, mommy, footsiebug!!!footsiebug!!! hurt mommy footsiebug!!!' aw man it was so cute... she's getting so smart, so i cuddled her the rest of the ride home- mom was driving- and she was happy after that, but poor girl.... those bugs are so bad this year! and now she thinks they aim for the feet... i just hope she watches out for them to bite her elsewhere!!!

Did i mention mom took us to BK for lunch?? It was an EXCELLENT treat out, I love the rare occasion we do get to grab lunch out, and heres an adorable picture of the day..... Chloe eating her mini-burger kidsmeal... precious!!! what a dollface...
Doctor visit went good... I have some ear problems but everything should work itself out and i got cleared to do a few things so.... exciting!!!!

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  1. That is a really cute picture! Hope her poor toes are doing better!