Tuesday, July 7, 2009

quick update...

so... chloe posted a couple blogs. i just noticed. they are the two previous ones... whenever she sneaks into our room she loves to pound on the computer! stinker!!!!

ahhh so life...as of late... still hunting for the right house. we got a couple we've got our eye on right now, but nothing definite.... uggghhhh its frusterating!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! well what can you do. it's been so busy lately, these summer months, sooooooo so so so many church activities, and we've been planning a ton with the youth... 4 things this week alone!!! but i'm staying sane, keeping my house reasonably clean, and been tryign to keep healthy!!! weight is going ok, i definately have discovered i need to write down everything i eat, but i sometimes.... just... don't. terrible, i know. well i gotta go pop some dough in the oven, we're out of bread... making a whole wheat/white blend of french bread today!! gotta start something for dinner, and go to curves, and then hopefully have a relaxing evening!!!!!!!!


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