Saturday, July 18, 2009

The very nature of the obedience he demands is that it be given without regard to circumstances or results

When I read that sentence, it just begged me to go reread the whole little paragraph. Colson had been talking about people who lived their lives, without seeing the results of their mission work, work towards the abolition of slavery, etc.... so I re-read it.... "Some might think this divine pattern cruel, but I am convinced there is a sovereign wisdom to it. Knowing how susceptible we are to success's siren call, God does not allow us to see, and therefore glory in, what is done through us. The very nature of the obedience he demands is that it be given without regard to circumstances or results."

Wow! Did that hit you square between the eyes? What an encouragement to be not to get discouraged with our youth work, even when we’re feeling burnt out!!!

He goes on to talk about the healing of the centurion's servant, how he came to Jesus on behalf of his paralyzed servant, asking for healing, and Jesus agreed to come with him, but he quickly replied that he knew Jesus didn't have to bother coming to his home, he could merely say the word and his servant would be healed. Not only did Jesus heal his servant, but he used the servant's faith as an example to the crowds! Wouldn’t you love to be an example? The centurion knew when he commanded his troops they obeyed, and saw Jesus as the master commander and gave, WILLINGLY, his unquestioning allegiance!

WOW! Talk about faith like a child!!!!!!

Colson goes on to talk about how, "Maturing faith-faith which deepens and grows as we live our Christian life- is not just knowledge, but knowledge acted upon. It is not just belief, but belief lived out- practiced!" Don't be hearers only, but doers as well, right!? HE goes on to say that faith is a state of mind that grows out of our actions, just as it also governs them.... and that 'this is real faith: believing and acting obediently regardless of circumstances or contrary evidence. After all, if faith depended on visible evidence, it wouldn't be faith!' We walk by faith, not by sight!

What it all boils down to: God is who he says he is. On that, we must be willing to stake OUR LIVES.

And oh man... it just gets better. Being reminded of all these truths we know but don't always dwell on....

He says the basis of loving god is obedience.... to obey you must know what he wants you to do, so you gotta read your bible..... duh!

Okay so I'm kinda rambling.... but if you haven't already, go grab a copy of Charles Colson's 'loving God' and go read that thing! In the first 50 pages i have been completely sucked in! I love it! Wow!!!

On another note.... my mobile blogs haven't been posting lately, so if you see a bunch of weird symbols, that’s why.... I’ll have to look into it.....

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