Wednesday, August 5, 2009

WFMW: freeze pops are too cold for little fingers!

So my two year old loves freeze pops, you know, those tubular popsicles that you can keep on hand always cuz they don't HAVE to be in the freezer, and you can pop them in when a days coming you'll want them and you can use them to keep stuff cold in your cooler and they're just great??? yeah those things. so anyways my two year old loves the things, but was whining that they were cold so.... i put them in her sock!! i always bust them in half to open them, probably cuz i'm in a big hurry to keep her occupied and lost the scissors, or maybe they're dirty, or whatever... so a pair of socks makes great popscicle insulators...above is a picture from 10 minutes ago... and now whenever she asks for popscicles, if we don't bring them with, she says, 'mommy, socky please!'.

too precious.

and it works for me. on wednesdays or any other day.

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