Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January's found us very busy! Ditzy moments awards go to Jeremy for saying 'do the amish deliver the wood to your house?' and krystin for responding to yahoo! Security's email asking for her user name and password, and her giving that information to them. Ahhhhh too funny.  The PRAY group is working hard to bring the movie 'to save a life' ( into Cadillac 5 Theatres, and so far so good! Yesterday we went to several churches…. Probably ten at least… and gave them posters and such. This movie is so moving, touching, makes you laugh, cry………  wow was I amazed! My New Years Resolution of keeping up 'no bible, no breakfast!' has been going great!!! Sorry not much blogging lately, soooo busy! Catch up next month…. But hopefully before!!

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