Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I mow like I vacuum. Jeremy mows like its a parallel symmetrical geometry problem.

Alright so does anyone else have as much trouble making themselves mow the lawn? we bought this house in august, and i didn't really give the lawn much thought.... but its HUGE! it's probably only like 1/2 an acre out of the ten, and i should be greatful the rest is woods, but really!!!!!!! I have always thought mowing the lawn was a waste of time and resources, but even i have to admit it looks much nicer.... and jeremy and i made a deal. i'd mow the lawn, if he'd do the dishes and get chloe to clean up the livng room! i know how sneaky right? well anyhow it took me almost 2 hours but i did 'er! and it was GREAT exercise! I was sweating like a pig when i was done.... but anyhow before the mowage happened here's our conversation....
well some background info first... a few days earlier i had texted him this quote from a book, something about simplifing your live, and one of the suggestions was 'stop mowing your lawn, and plant a meadow'. okay i SERIOUSLY thought that was about the wisest thing  I had ever heard! So i thought, why can't i just plant a lawn full of wildflowers?!? well thats still my goal, ask me in a few years if its happened.... here's to hoping...... =) anyhow we're arguing the merits of whether the lawn deserves our hard earned cash to the gas tank, and i'm going on about how broke we are, and jeremy's going on about how the neighbors are gonna think we're heathens, and then i'm going on about how the inside should be our priority, thats where we have to sleep, and the laundry is getting backed up, and the floors need sweeping and mopping, and I HAVE AN MRI THURSDAY SO FEEL BAD FOR ME AND DO WHAT I SAY!!! really sending him packing ona guilt trip, i know, but thats what i did. he just laughed it off anyways, he knew i was kidding. so, i realize i'm defeated, and make him the offer about how i'll mow the lawn if he does the dishes. he obliged, grumbling about how i wouldn't get the whole thing done, blah blah blah, but guess what? I DID! and it felt good! And i told him before i went out that i'd even still do exercise hour with him... guess what? i didn't. but i still felt good cuz i had mowed that stinkin lawn! lol. what a dilemma. anyhow while i was out there and thinking, i'm like, hey, the Lord would want me to do my best in all things, maybe jeremy IS right about the whole parallel symmetrical geometrical lawn mowing and i should just repair my attitude.... and while i'm on this subject, what on EARTH would the Good Lord think of my raking/lack thereof? HEY! IDEA! Maybe i could get jeremy to put his geometrical mowing method to the raking!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH i can tell that will be a story for another day........... =)

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