Thursday, December 2, 2010

Whatta Year!

Wow.... so i know it hasn't been a whole year since i've posted, but since i've really sat down and wrote something... yeah. Wow!

Okay, so ....... bought house last august........ started working as our church secretary the next day, just 8 hours a week......... and stayed home with Chloe most of the time! Things went good, just constantly working to improve the new homestead..... joined a MOPS group........ and then, a month ago, into my lap dropped a full time job with benefits!

The Lord is SOOOOOOOO good! I am so blessed with a healthy happy precious little girl, an awesome supportive husband, an awesome supportive family/extended family, and a great life! I hope i'll get back to blogging regularly, but i wanted to update anyone who might check this =)

God Is GOOD!!!!!!!

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  1. YAAAAY God is good!!! <3 not that you'll see this comment for a year :)