Saturday, January 22, 2011

Board Game Frame

One of my absolute most favorite blogs to read is Infarrantly Creative. That lady....... genius. Pure genius. I wish I could have her over for a cup of tea and tell me what on EARTH to do with the giant cubbies in the living room, I bet she'd have the perfect idea of what to do with those monsters! Well, that monster, rather, since two of them got shelved.

Anyhow, I was reading one of her recent posts, and at the bottom it says 'you might also like...' or something like that, and something caught my eye.... "Game Board Storage Art"


I was like, that is the solution to my LIFE!!!! Okay, maybe not my whole life, only Jesus is that, but the playroom! The playroom and it's lack of cute stuff on the walls and it's crushed board game boxes stacked haphazardly...... okay not even stacked! Just... the pieces! Ohhh the pieces! Strewn from one of the house to the other! So, I knew right then and there, that this would be me and hubs weekend project!

...but then I got the stomach flu. Uck. No good. So Sunday Afternoon we're in the middle of relaxing..... and I'm feeling moderately better.... and I remembered and I just HAD to make them right then and there!

Here's what we came up with....

Diego Chutes and Ladders!

Ended up sanding the back a little after I decided to glue the fabric on as opposed to stapling, it looks yucky but we dont care =)

See Diego and his cousin down there? lol

We put a support in the middle like someone else from her blog had recommended, and we didn't used plastic baggies. I am.... a phob. A total phob. (Can that be a word??) Like, plastic baggies are a suffocation hazard. not to mention I had plastic, and the BPA, and.... my mind started racing. We were all set to fit a piece of luan about 5 inches high across the bottom, but the only luan we had was warped and.... I just didn't like it. So I thought, fabric! I hemmed this cute yellow fabric and had great intentions of stapling it on all nicely, then covering said staples with strip of nice felt to protect wall (i was going to use that in the corners too) but......lo and behold...... we're out of staples. We're always out of anything. We need a system, like some.... I don't know..... erasable board, hanging in a convienent place, to write things on when we run out of....... oh wait! we HAVE one of those! USING it would be good... I know you believe I still haven't wrote 'staples' on the list! ugh. anyhow. I ended up hot gluing the fabric on for now, I might staple when I remember to buy more staples, but oh how I love hot glue......... it might just stay. =)

We had a lovely picnic for lunch today.... Chloe insisted and set it all up!


  1. i have not seen that craft over there- how fun!! i have great game storage... except the boxes still get broken, no one ever seems to put the box in the right way... very clever idea!!

    picnic lunch? the BEST!