Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm just gonna jump right back in... the blogging world! It's been ages since we've had reliable Internet, I'm still not totally sure sometimes, but here's to hoping! I'm going to have a few goals on here and I hope ya'all will help keep me on track by hollering at me if I get off those tracks.....

1. I'm going to be POSITIVE!

2. I'm going to share my ideas even if I think I'll sound crazy!

3. I'm going to capitalize my I's the first time around so I don't have to go back through looking for them all afterwards and changing them to I's instead of i's....

4. I'm GOING to lose weight this year. And tell you about it! There. I just wrote it on the Internet for everyone to see so now keep me accountable in any way you'd like please!

5. I'm going to keep things short and sweet, and not ramble!

I hope everyone's having a great 2011 so far! Lots of Stomach Flu around our house but things are looking better every day!

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