Monday, March 7, 2011

10 years ago

10 years ago, I was a bratty little 8th grader. The "I can be your friend" Veggie tales song comes to mind.... "Have you ever seen a boy with funny clothes, a girl with braces on her teeth or freckles on her nose? If they added something about hair in these 'princess laia-esque' big poofy pigtails, that woulda been me. I really thought I looked cool, for some reason, with the bottom half of my pants so big, my now-3-year-old would gladly have used them as the best hiding spot EVER. I seriously wish I had a picture to post right now but really..... remember jnco jeans people?!?! feather lined hoods on fleeces? not fur, feathers people! and pink ones at that! I had the BEST best friend ever, Jessica J, and some other amazing friends.... Amber, my roller skating buddy, Liz & Renee, my partners in crime....and then this guy. This guy that dated all the other girls, even asked my advice about them, who just called me his 'best buddy', and couldn't see that I had the biggest crush in the WORLD on him...... ahhh the good ole' days. =) Then, 10 years ago today, Jeremy asked me to be his girlfriend and my life changed forever.

Thank you. =)

He taught me to share, and what it was like to care for another person more than yourself, for the first time in my life. He challenged me constantly to be a better person, not to swear so much, not to argue with my parents. Every spare penny he earned he spent on me. I was at a really critical point in my life, in a stage where I was really rebelling after my parents moved our family from Michigan to Illinois. I quit doing my school work, unless it seemed like something interesting. I got bad grades, intentionally. I got detentions for being late to class all the time, and whenever a friend would get a detention for being late, we'd spread the word and a few of us would get detention so we didn't have to go it alone. Never Jeremy though. He stood his ground and was always on time to class. Sometimes people say he changed after he met me, like it's a good thing, but I don't think people noticed so much exactly how much I changed for the better, just having him play such an important role in my life. Most importantly, he challenged my faith. He asked questions that made me think. Over the next several years I would grow spiritually because of him, and if I hadn't met him, I really wonder where I'd be today...

Reminds me of another song, 'I will never be, the same again. I can never return, I've closed the door.' I'm so glad I walked out that door and into a life with you. =)

I love you baby!

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  1. Wow. I keep learning more about you two., thanks Jerm! I didn't know! The brat! INTENTIONALLY???!!! Wish Mary and husband teachers could read this. Their daughter was in girlscouts with A or J MOM