Thursday, June 23, 2011

Catching Chip "Chippy" Monk.

In case you hadn't heard, yesterday morning a chipmunk pushed the screen out of a corner of our screen door and broke into the house as I was getting ready for work. After chasing him around, he hid so good I couldn't find him. After standing on the living room table throwing remotes and anything else within reach at every piece of furniture, trying to get him to run out so I could throw my ice cream bucket on him, I finally had to leave for work and to take chloe to the babysitters. I hated to leave him in the house, but I should have allready left for work, so it was time to go. Fortunately, he was still there waiting when Jeremy got home. Jeremy chased him around for a while, but when I got home from work he had to leave to donate blood, so Chloe and I decided to set a trap….

First off, we found an old aquarium in the basement, and used the ole stick-rope deal. Chloe so kindly prepared a chipmunk feast of peanut butter, sunflower seeds, and even a dish of water.

Secondly, she tested the trap. It seemed to work.

She then stood, watching and waiting for 'chippy', as she had so affectionately nicknamed him, to come out of hiding and feast on her delicacies. That lasted…. About 30 seconds and she got bored. So I tied string to nearby doorknob and checped every few minutes for chippy.

Daddy got home, and decided that desperate times call for desperate measures, and flipped the couch, where he thought Chippy was hiding...

Sure enough, he ran out! Since his couch hiding place was no longer an option, chippy decided to travel through the baseboards.

Daddy set a 'giraffe' decoy to lure out chippy. Chloe threw a fit at the unappropriate use of mr giraffe. Daddy quickly flipped bucket onto chippy. currently, Chippy is under said bucket, and bucket is running around living room. (Please pay no attention to the filthy was-under-the-couch-til-it-got-exposed floor!)

Let me pause to explain what happened next, because unfortunately, no pictures were taken. Chippy was dumped into aquarium with a large heavy mirror placed on top. Marc removed mirror so Chippy could finish his photo shoot, and Chippy jumped out of aquarium and ran down hall to bathroom. We'll now continue our saga….

Chippy took quite the bathroom tour

He tried to brush his teeth, but from what I heard from the other side of the door, (you know there's no way I was being locked in the bathroom with the varmin, so photo credit goes to marc) chloe threw a fit over chippy touching her toothpaste, after he tried to chew it open.

He then caught a whiff of st. maarten as he enjoyed our seashell collection….

But due to chloe's wails about him touching her seashells, I'm sure, he scaled the wall.

He realized he'd been very naughty and had gotten into lots of things and should at least wash up…
As he contemplated his next move…..

I really can't say what went wrong at this point. Basically, Chippy escaped the bathroom, even with 3 people in there making sure he didn't. He was quite clever, you see. He then proceeded to run into the craft room. Daddy and Marc quickly followed, with chloe not far behind. Marc used a paper bag as his weapon of choice, and someone valiantly scooped chippy out of a mid-air-hop right into the bag! We then took the bag outside, and chloe opened it and dumped him out. Here is chippy running/hopping like the wind…. I'M FREEEEEEEEEEEE he shouted! (Not really, but I imagine it's what he was thinking!)

We sincerely hope he doesn't visit again, but if he does……. It was certainly an adventure we won't forget!!!

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